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Arising Awareness Sessions

Healing, Opening, and Awakening

Arising Awareness Sessions are a path of self-discovery and healing, guiding individuals to connect deeply with their inner nature and the universal Oneness.

What is Arising Awareness?

Arising Awareness is a process of invoking deep untapped wisdom within ourselves in order to bring it into our conscious mind.

This process begins with deep relaxation, which is a profound skill that requires practice and cultivation. Next, we progress into visualization and breath work to drop down into our root chakra – the foundation of our power – while simultaneously moving our awareness towards our spine. This gives us access into our deeper, essential nature, wherein wisdom abides.

Two Meanings of Awareness

Awareness, as used in our sessions has two distinct meanings:

  1. Initially, it refers to self-awareness: our emotions, body, energy, and sense of self and others. A practice known as cultivation.
  2. This evolves into a more subtle and omnipresent experience of Awareness, an Enlightened state. In this state, Awareness is a pristine, empty, and luminous realization of our connection to All That IS. Here, there is no self, no time, or space. Ancient mystics invite us to discover this Awareness by turning inward.

Why is Cultivating Awareness Important?

Awareness is essential for healing, opening, and fully Awakening into the Oneness.

Healing occurs on several levels: 

  1. Emotional: anger, fear, greed, paralysis, overachieving, and the stresses of life.
  2. Psychological: healing from early childhood conditioning, limiting core beliefs, mental and physical abuse.
  3. Mental: self-image, self-limitations, disassociation.
  4. Somatic: body memories due to physical trauma, cumulative trauma, PTSD, and shock.
  5. Energetic: constriction of the capillaries and the flow of Qi in the body.
  6. Karmic: cause and effect – current life and past life.

Opening is a process:

As we carefully and systematically address our healing issues, and let that go as obstacles to our process of opening, we create an internal space. That space brings the experience of freedom, contentment, and light. We are tapping into the potential of our own unfolding, wherein the discovery of our soul emerges.

Fully Awakening implies resting in the Awareness of the Oneness. This is a state beyond the intellect and sense of self, co-existence of form and emptiness, pristine, spacious, and luminous. As we integrate healing and opening, we naturally enter the ancient path of enlightenment as expressed in different traditions. It’s the awareness of this process that carries us into Awakening.

How to Cultivate Awareness

The first steps in cultivating the initial meaning of awareness are:

  • Self-Observation Without Judgment — Observe yourself without criticism.
  • Thought Awareness — Watch your thoughts without getting entangled in their narratives.
  • Pattern Recognition — Notice the patterns in your thinking.
  • Speech Awareness — Hear the tonality of your speech.
  • Movement Observation — Notice the fluidity or rigidity of your movements.
  • Interaction Insight — Observe how you interact with others and sense their feelings.
  • Mind Quieting — Gradually quiet your mind.
  • Embrace Emptiness — Allow yourself to become empty.
  • Nature Appreciation — Notice the beauty and symmetry of nature and its effects on you.
  • Refined Awareness — Listen to the sounds of birds and nature.
  • Energy Sensing — Sense the energy around you.
  • Inner Pulsation — Feel the pulsations within you.
  • Present Moment — Enter the Here and Now.

In the Here and Now, when you quiet yourself, and deeply relax, you observe the delicate space between thoughts. This is a doorway into a deep connection with the universe. Many people seek connection, to be understood, or seen beyond their physical appearance, age, and life condition. We begin to perceive the soul within each individual. As we drop into this more vulnerable and intimate space, we progress into an internal stillness, listening to our true nature. This brings greater clarity to our purpose, existence, and journey.

How Do Arising Awareness Sessions Work?

We create a safe container, guiding people to connect deeply with their inner nature and the universal Oneness.

Our sessions blend individual and group work, beginning with grounding ourselves in the Here and Now — a portal to accessing consciousness and freedom. Our work also includes:

  • Breathing meditations
  • Collective share of the Here and Now
  • Spiritual teachings
  • Individual “Deeper Dives”, allowing other participants to heal through empathetic connections

Who Can Benefit from Arising Awareness Sessions?

These sessions are ideal for individuals who are:

  • Feeling stuck in their personal growth
  • Navigating the path of inner work and self-improvement alone
  • Looking to do deeper inner work together with one’s partner
  • Seeking connection with like-minded individuals on a similar journey
  • Looking to integrate psychedelic experiences into daily life
  • Sensing there is a deeper meaning to life
  • Curious about Enlightenment during this life
  • Drawn to service for the benefit of all beings

If you are experiencing acute crisis, debilitating depression, or struggling with severe mental imbalances, we encourage you to seek individual help.

The Transformative Benefits of Arising Awareness Sessions

Our intent in these sessions is to enhance our sense of life purpose, strengthen our love relationships, and increase our joy, harmony, and well-being. Additionally, we aim to awaken a greater connection with the universe, reconnect with our hearts, and find deeper alignment with our individual soul’s mission.

What You Can Gain:

Physical Well-being — Experience healing of traumatic body memories, reduction in energetic blocks, and overall physical health.

Emotional Healing — Deepen connections with loved ones, heal emotionally stuck relationships, and find clarity and peace of mind.

Stress Reduction — Learn tools to reduce stress and enhance profound states of relaxation.

Consciousness Expansion — Integrate expanded meditation and psychedelic experiences into daily life and evolve your consciousness.

Community and Connection — Build deeper connections with loved ones, people on a similar path, and a supportive community.

Personal Growth — Explore your innermost frontier of growth and curiosity in a safe space.

Life Direction — Gain a sense of direction in both your external and internal life.

Holistic Well-being — Achieve a quality of daily well-being, feeling good physically, and maintaining a healthy state of mind.


Aubrey Degnan, PhD, Expert in Humanistic Psychology, Eastern Religions, and Spiritual Awakening

Dr. Aubrey Degnan explores the intersection between Eastern religions, Western psychology, ancient esoteric practices, and spiritual awakening. With a doctoral degree in Humanistic Psychology and decades of apprenticeship under numerous Eastern meditation masters, she integrates healing and the expansion of consciousness. Her professional career embraces a broad spectrum of humanity- debriefing military and law enforcement struggling with trauma of war and concurrent domestic violence, teaching peacemaking to middle school students struggling in communities of drugs, poverty, and violence, and addressing cross-cultural issues in the US State Department in West Africa, including early counterterrorism incidents.

She has received two commendations for her leadership and participation in response to emergencies.

Today, her focus is upon healing as a path to Enlightenment. She and her husband, Tom McConnell, reside on a ranch in Northern California. They have created a healing sanctuary bringing people and animals together to explore the exquisite communication and spiritual connection between all that is.

Yoni Havana, Holistic Lifestyle and Awakening Guide, Podcast Host, and Co-Founder of Men of Integrity

Yoni Havana is dedicated to guiding individuals towards healing, expansion, and divine alignment. His mission is to increase awareness and inspire a fulfilled life through joy, gratitude, and satisfaction.

Yoni’s holistic approach blends ancient wisdom, modern technologies, and intuitive understanding to address the physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of life.

With over a decade of experience, Yoni has learned from renowned teachers like Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. David Hawkins, Sadhguru, and Wim Hof. His work is designed for mission-oriented individuals seeking meaningful connections and a higher frequency of living.


Sessions are held every Wednesday at 5 PM Pacific Time and last for 90 minutes.

No, this is a non-denominational group suitable for individuals of all religious beliefs and practices.

This is a transformational group focused on physical and emotional healing and exploring expanded states of consciousness. It is not a therapy group, but we support you in your current life situation. For example, if you are feeling depressed, we address the somatic experience of heaviness and work to energetically release the associated emotions. Our primary focus is on how you feel and perceive once the weight of depression is lifted.

We offer one membership option: $150 per month, which includes access to the weekly sessions. No other membership options are available at this time.

You can cancel your membership at any time and retain access to the sessions until the end of your current billing cycle. Please note that once a billing cycle has started, we do not offer refunds for that payment.

In the event of emergencies or holidays, sessions may be rescheduled to another day of the week instead of the usual Wednesday.

By participating in Arising Awareness Sessions, you assume all risks related to health issues. Arising Awareness, its employees, officers, consultants, and directors are not responsible or liable, now or in the future, for any injury or loss you may sustain by participating in these sessions. We reserve the right to remove or restrict participants if we determine the program is not a good fit.

For general inquiries or technical issues, please email

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